Have student email addresses changed?

Yes, student email addresses have changed. Their new email address will now include the word "student" in it. For example a student's new email address will look like this:

From the login page students will only have to enter their s# user Id and password e.g., s1234567

Right now when I email a student from my MPS account, I need only enter their number(e.g. s1234567) instead of their entire email address (e.g. Will the new email system require teachers to write out their entire email (e.g.

Yes, at least the first time you will need to enter the student’s entire email address.  Internet Explorer may cache or store the address so in the future it may pop-up as you begin to type it.  You can also create a student contact or distribution list in Outlook.  Another option is to have your students email you and then you can add them to your contact list.

How does a student/staff change their password?
To change your password you must be on an MPS computer:
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete
  • Click on Change Password. You should enter your old password
  • Now enter a new password (hint: new passwords should be something that only YOU know and no one can guess about you)
  • You will need to confirm your new password by entering it again
  • Click on OK
Please note: Your password is now changed for the next time you login to any computer.  DO NOT share your new password with anyone else.

Can we have more information about this program? I teach students how to use email in my Computer Basic course.

Live@edu is actually Outlook Web Access (OWA) which students have been using all along. Right now the basic OWA email interface is available to students. From a teaching perspective there is really nothing new.

As a teacher or administrator will I have an email account at Live@edu?

There will be a single email address that can be used by ALL school staff for teaching purposes. This will be a closed campus account meaning email will not be able to be sent outside the District. This is due to the open records act and the District's requirement to archive all staff email.

How will I find a student's email address information?

The only part of student's email address that will change will be the in their email account name will remain as s + student Id number e.g.,

How will a student find my email address?

Teachers will need to provide their email address to students. MPS student addresses are no longer in the Global Address List (GAL). If a teacher knows their students ID they will know their email address.  s + student Id number. Teachers can add students that they are most in contact with to their contact list.

How do students access their MPS student email from outside of MPS?

The easiest way is to go to the MPS Portal and click on the Web mail link.  The direct login page to the student email is which can be reached from inside or outside the district.

What Teaching resources are available to me for live@edu?

Your school's Instructional Technology Leader (ITL) who attends the upcoming ITL meetings will be able to provide you with details.  Otherwise Outlook for students (Live@edu) works in the exact same way as Outlook did which was used by the students last year.

How do I disable a student’s email account for inappropriate use?

Only certain individuals have permission to manage individual student a accounts, but you may request an account to be disabled by calling the Technology Support Center (83400). This should only be done with permission from your School Leader via an Incident Referral. In most instances, accounts should be disabled for a period of three days or less.

We still manage student accounts through the Accounts/Admin utility. Once a student's access is changed in the Accounts/Admin utility it will automatically change in their Live@edu account.

Our school web page still links students to the MPS Web mail. What is the web link to point to the new Live@edu mail?

If your school maintains its own web page your school webmaster can change the links. If you want to have a direct link to the students login page you would use the following link

If you want to have a single link where staff and students go to login to email (they click on either student or staff as both links are on the same page) use the following link